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Current Public Release (Release 3) 7/23/12

January 16th, 2013 | Posted by Adrian in Annex: Conquer the World | Games

Annex Conquer the World 3


Annex Conquer The World
Annex: Conquer the World is a MegaGlest mod that brings VERY fast paced combat with a diverse arsenal. Play as one of two Factions: The East Ocean Alliance,or the Shadow Organization, as they struggle for dominance in the war torn Southern Wastelands, rich in a priceless red mineral. Built using open source RTS MegaGlest, The focus of the mod is Multiplayer and Single Player skirmishes. Currently, only a simple campaign at the moment, but a full story mode may be in the future. Annex currently has ability to customize restrictions on tech tree such as limiting tiers and starting units.

2 Factions:
Shadow Organization
East Ocean Alliance

12 Game Modes:
Base Battle
Tech Lv 1
Tech Lv 1-2
Tech Lv 1-3
Tech Lv 1-4
Tech Lv 1-5
Infantry Only
Mode Assault
Ready for War

3 Tilesets:

30 Scenarios!
New Maps!
+ 6 player maps

Masterserver+ Lobby!
Thanks to Tomreyn!
Another server currently under construction! Thanks Treba

Game Manual:
Included with all versions of Annex, comes a quick start guide called manual.html (in the manual directory) and it Includes information about Gameplay, Units, Resources and more!

Get your copy here:
No need for Annex Beta 2 or Megaglest to run!
PS Mod DB Downloads may not be up to date!!!! Please get from locations below:

For Windows:
simply unzip “” anywhere and run annex.exe in main folder

For Mac OSX:
unpack “” and run

For Linux 64 bit:
extract annex_release_3_linux_64.tar.xz to your home directory
run: ./annex -or- chmod +x ./annex ./annex.bin

For Linux 32 bit:
extract annex_release_3_linux_32.tar.xz to your home directory
run: ./annex -or- chmod +x ./annex ./annex.bin

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