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Some New Videos

May 1st, 2013 | Posted by Adrian in Uncategorized

Its been a long while since I have shared any development footage, so here are two new videos to watch!


Simple Battle Tech Tree Gameplay

Video showing a new simpler tech tree option. This tech tree limits player to two infantry types (Standard and Anti Tank), and 4 Vehicles (Harvester, IFV, Tank, and Siege). No Tech structures. This mode is great for those who want a simpler and faster game, or for beginners who are overwhelmed by the large number of units per faction.


Alliance Renegades Gameplay

Short Video Preview showcasing some Various units of the Alliance Renegades in action. Some notable units include The Ranger, a simple jeep with the ability to switch its equipment for a variety of roles, the Commando, well trained infantry armed with a powerful handheld EML gun, and an ability to call a attack drone strike, the Stalker a light assault vehicle capable of being airlifted across the map, and the Demo Ranger an explosive chemical weapon which has a DOT effect for any unit within the blast radius.

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