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Welcome to Annex Conquer Games!

My name is Adrian also known as Ishmaru or DelphaDesign on other sites. You may not know it but I’m a long time game designer, developing games in secret since I was in the eighth grade. (I graduated college almost 3 years ago) I mostly developed simple games on the Games Factory or on the old DOS version of 3D Rad. Mostly short games consisting of 1 – 5 levels and ranged anywhere from racing games, to shooters, platformers, tank battles, Arena games, RPGs, and real time strategy games. While I was far to shy to ever release any to the public back then, I would play/develop these games for hours each day even choosing to play them over popular commercial games that were out at the time. At the end of may 2010 started a small RTS mod which was called “Project Mecha” at that time. Little did I know just how much this game would change my life for the next 3 years. Now this game goes by its official name Annex: Conquer the World.

So, after almost 3 years of development Annex: Conquer the World has a home site. I decided to make this page a blog for not just Annex but all future video games I will working on. Welcome to my game development blog!

Here you will find the latest development news, unveiling of new game projects, and some general development talk. I hope you enjoy this site and all the creations that come from it!

PS Please excuse as this site is still under construction, as I try to get a theme I am fully happy with and try to set up a forum so you may discuss/comment on games I create.

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