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Annex Info! | Annex Conquer Games
Indie Game Developement + Annex Conquer the World Anime RTS

Annex Info!

Annex: Conquer the World

Annex: Conquer the World is a MegaGlest based Indie Game that brings fast paced combat with a diverse arsenal. Play as one of four factions: The East Ocean Alliance, the NEO Republic, the Shadow Organization, or the Renegades as they struggle for dominance all over the world, competeing for a priceless red mineral. The mod will contain 4 factions, over 30 tech trees, original maps, and tileset. Built using open source RTS MegaGlest The focus of the mod is Multiplayer and Single Player skirmishes. Currently, no plans are in place for campaigns or story mode, however this may change once base game is complete.

Current version: Release 3
For Windows, Linux, + Mac

Multiplayer Servers

Complete Feature List:


3D battlefield
Unique Anime Themed World
Single-Player Skirmish And Multi-Player
Multi-Player via Lan and Masterserver.
Multiple AI-Difficulty Settings
Single-Player Scenarios & Missions
Ability to Save and Resume Games
FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) License compatible


East Ocean Alliance
Shadow Organization
Neo Republic
Alliance Renegades

Tech Trees:

Base Battle (normal)
Base Battle (double damage)
Base Battle (half damage)
Pre-Deployed (normal)
Pre-Deployed (double damage)
Pre-Deployed (half damage)
Ready for War (normal)
Ready for War (double damage)
Ready for War (half damage)
Simple Battle (normal)
Simple Battle (double damage)
Simple Battle (half damage)
Simple Deployed (normal)
Simple Deployed (double damage)
Simple Deployed (half damage)
Mode Assault (normal)
Mode Assault (double damage)
Mode Assault (half damage)
Unlocked (normal)
Unlocked (double damage)
Unlocked (half damage)
Insanity (normal)
Insanity (double damage)
Insanity (half damage)
Infantry Only (normal)
Infantry Only (half damage)
Tech LV 1
Tech LV 1-2
Tech LV 1-3
Tech LV 1-4
Tech LV 1-5
Tech LV 1-6


Corner City; Great Desert Sm; Head On; Indus; Longroad; Platform; Shallow River; Tight Urban; Hidden Airbase; Void; Urban Rumble; Delta; Penisula; Forest; Great Desert Md; Island Rivers (inspired by Glest map 4 Rivers); Swamp; Wetlands; In The Mountains; Canyon Run; Island Chain; Fortress; Plantation; Hunting Grounds; Donut; Island; Corner City; Killing Fields; Bridges; Conflict;Fracture; Valley of Death; One on One; River Crossing; Island Siege; flankenangriff; loggerheads a2.


Apocalypse (high)+(low)
Brightland (high)+(low)
Metropolitan (high)+(low)
Wasteland (high)+(low)
Outland (high)+(low)
Overcast (high)+(low)
Snow (high)+(low)
Toxic Snow (high)+(low)
Blizzard (high)+(low)
Toxic (high)+(low)


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